Hello, I am Stephanie Rothstein, the creator of CanWeTalkEDU.

CanWeTalkEDU was born out of my classroom. As a teacher, I used the True Colors Personality Survey (Ketterman, 1972) for almost 20 years. But I realized that there had to be more to do with the information to help others use this consistently throughout the school year. After giving many presentations on the topic at conferences around the world, other educators wanted to know how to use this in their own classrooms to help their students grow. I created this site to fill that need.

CanWeTalkEDU helps students learn about themselves, others, and how to be in teams. It also helps educators and other adults better understand their interactions, how to speak to one another and best practices for feedback. Come back to learn about ways to apply to curriculum, stay involved in growth challenges, share ways you have applied CanWeTalk with your teams and in your classroom.

This is also a place to connect with me if you would like more hands on training for your classroom or site.

Since this presentation, the survey link has been updated. Please use http://bit.ly/cwt_surveynew for the survey or complete it below.


Can We Talk

True Colors Survey

Middle School - High School - Adult

True Colors Survey


STEP 2: Share Your Photo

Personal True Color Slide

*Resources linked on Resources Pages

STEP 3: Team Application Ideas

Shared Slide Group, Team, Class, Staff

Shared Team Slide

*Resources linked on Resources Pages

Get to know our class or group slides.

*Resources linked on Resources Pages

STEP 4: Recent Monthly Challenge

Participate with your group, team, students to help you all grow in areas of gap or need. Then share reflections and participate in twitter chats to learn from others. For previous Monthly Challenges, please visit the Monthly Challenges page.

STEP 5: Reflection

Reflection questions are embedded in the student presentations and linked on Resources Page.

Resources for Your School or Team - ENGLISH

Recursos Para Tu Colegio O Equipo - ESPAÑOL

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